“I Am Not A Single Man”

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D'BanjLove life of one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelor has been a topic for discussion for a long time, and till now all we get to hear is that there is someone behind the curtain.

Once, the town was agog with the news that “Mr. Endowed” is about to walk down the aisle with a popular actress whom he had “enrolled” in a 9 months course, but it soon fizzled out like it came out.

During a live interview at comedian Tee A’s concert on December 1, 2012 D’Banj said anyone expecting him to be single at his present state must be more talented than Basketmouth, Ali Baba, Baba Suwe, Tee A, AY, Klint da Drunk, I Go Dye, all at the same time.

“Even when I tell them I’m single’, they don’t believe. So these days, I tell them what they want to hear. I mean look at me, at my state, would you expect that I won’t be seeing anyone?” he asked?

Corroborating his claim, those close to him confirmed that what he said at Tee A‘s event is ‘definitely not far from the truth.’

“Of course he’s dating. He’s a successful young man with many ladies interested in him. And he’s definitely dating. So it’s right if he says he’s not single. What no one knows is how serious these things are. And for sure, I can tell you that there are no wedding plans anywhere yet”.

Let us all take a “siddon look” approach till the “ojuju calabar” behind the curtain comes out.


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