Top 10 Nigerian Neighbourhoods in London

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We scouted round London for neighbourhoods that have high concentration of Nigerians and we found some amazing areas, which have the genuine Nigerian appearance – reminiscent of Nigeria, with its restaurants, stores, foodstuff and everything ‘Naija’ you can think of.

So, we present to you the 10 top Nigerian neighbourhoods in London:

1. Peckham

Peckham, London

Photo by Livvy Adjei on Flickr

Peckham has become a centre of Nigerian-British life and culture in London. Peckham is somewhat called, “mini Lagos” because there is nothing in Lagos that you will not find in this area. Peckham is located within the London Borough of Southwark and you will find a large population of Nigerians living here. The neighbourhood features Nigerian restaurants, stores and shops filled with Nigerian-made imports including food stuffs.


2. Thamesmead

Photo Source: LagosinLondon

Located in the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley, Thamesmead is one neighbourhood that is well integrated with many Nigerians. The district is bustling with plethora of ethnic restaurants, which offer a large variety of boiled, fried and cooked Nigerian delicacies. There is an array of  shops and stores, owned by Nigerians, such as Ade’s Cash and CarryJohn and Biola Supermarket and many more. These stores specialize in Nigerian imports, foods and other things you can find in any supermarket in Nigeria.

3. Abbey Wood

Photo Source: Mike Hedgethorne on Flickr

When you visit Abbey Wood, you will feel like you are in Nigeria. Abbey Wood is a district of South East London and located south of Thamesmead. In this neighbourhood, you get to meet ‘loud’ Nigerians on the street, speak your language and familiarize with each other.  Abbey Wood has a reputation for Nigeria residents, along with great Naija restaurants and stores.

4. Woolwich

Photo Source: Maurice on Flickr

Woolwich has always played home to some Nigerian residents in London. The district is home to some Nigerian businesses, churches, shops and restaurants. You will never believe you are actually in London when you are in this area. You might want to visit Tasty African restaurant for Nigerian delicacies especially their puff puff.

5. Deptford


Photo Source: Wikipedia

Deptford is made up of relatively beautiful buildings and streets, and is considered a notable neighborhood for some Nigerians. Located in South-East London, on the south bank of River Thames; Deptford functions as home to several Nigerian stores filled with imports and produce from Nigeria. If you love Nigerian foods, you should probably visit Tomi’s Kitchen, where you will find the finest Nigerian beers, palm wine and delicacies.

6. Lewisham


Photo Source: Edewing Blog

Lewisham offers housing developments for its residents, the neighbourhood is perfect for families and that is why most Nigerians in London prefer living here. Dedicated Nigerian business owners have made Lewisham more Nigerian, a fascinating focal point for businesses such as Covenant CargoWotas and many others. If you are craving for Nigerian foods, you should visit Enish Nigerian Restaurant and Grill for delicious home-made foods.

7. Erith

Photo Source:

Erith is perhaps best known as home of several ethnicities including Nigerians. The area comes alive with its wide selection of bars and restaurants, which attracts residents and visitors. Nigerian culinary setting is well represented in restaurants such as Eko Wine Bar and Restaurant, Anedo Restaurant and Bar and many others.

8. Old Kent Road

Photo Source:

Old Kent Road is a road that forms part of Watling Street in South East London. This neighbourhood is home to some Nigerian mosques and churches, and of course, stores that sell produce from Nigeria. Nigerians seem to have infused life into the neighbourhood, with a variety of Nigerian restaurants and bars such as 805 restaurantPresidential Suya and Wazobia restaurant. This neighbourhood is really a place to visit!

9. Camberwell

 Photo Cropped from Google Street View

Crawberwell offers amazing restaurants, bakeries, stores and supermarkets that honour Nigerian culture and lifestyle. The area is teeming with entertainment venues, bars and clubs where you can mingle with Nigerian people and reminisce about home. If you are craving for authentic Nigerian foods, you should visit EmukayCannan restaurant, Legacy African Restaurant and many more.

10. Brixton

Brixton Market | Photo Cropped from Google Street View

For years, Nigerian immigrants have been setting up businesses and stores in Brixton. If you are looking for a place to get Nigerian groceries, where you can buy Yam, pepper, Okro, vegetables and perhaps even Garri, you should visit Brixton Market. This area is also speckled with small shops where residents can get everything Nigerian from produce to Nigerian clothing – Ankara and Lace materials.  Nigerian restaurants are not hard to find as Brixton is surrounded with a variety of neighbourhood cafés.

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