£14,000 raised for student working 38-hour week to survive

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SHIFT WORK: Michael Olorode, 21, works nights at Sainsbury’s to fund himself through university

THOUSANDS OF pounds have been raised for a 21-year-old student who has funded himself through university without a loan by working 38-hour weeks at Sainsbury’s.

Michael Olorode, a fourth year biomedical science degree student at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, works shifts at the supermarket chain to support himself through his studies.

He told The Guardian: “I do three night shifts a week, plus overtime if I can get it. Monday is the most hectic day for me – I work from 10pm until 8am on Saturday and Sunday nights, earning just over £100 a night, and then I have to be at my first lecture at 9am on Monday. By the time I finish lectures, at 2pm, I’m very tired, but I know I have to be back at work by 10pm.”

Despite having lived in the UK since he was seven, Olorode, who is originally from Nigeria, was not eligible for a student loan because his application for settled British residential status was not approved until he was in sixth form.

His parents paid his tuition fees, which work out around £7,000 a year in Scotland.

Working long shifts and then studying for a degree leaves Olorode having to fight to stay awake. He usually staves off falling asleep with a packet of skittles and a Red Bull.

“It isn’t the best situation to be in, but I have had to make the best of it and my parents are doing everything they can to help me. They have taken on extra hours at work and got a loan from the bank. They find a way, always, to help me when I need it. I worry about them, though. They are getting old and they have my two siblings to look after as well. They try not to show me the strain they are under, but I know,” Olorode told The Guardian.

After his story was highlighted by the paper, a GoFundMe fundraising page was set up for him.

In just five days, the page has almost reached its target of £15,000, with more than £14,000 been raised already.

Olorode, who wants to become an NHS physiotherapist, told The Guardian that the funds will make a big difference to his life.

He said: “The support has been overwhelming. I never anticipated to receive any support regarding my story, but everyone has been so sincere, whether that be words of support, advice, encouragement or financially.”

GoFundMe is also making a donation to Olorode.

You can find the GoFundMe page here.

source: www.voice-onine.co.uk

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