‘Married’ Ex-Queen and Married Lover Seen at the Beach House

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This ex-beauty queen, who is supposedly still married is fond of denying the truth after being caught in the act.

After our report not too long ago, she went to great lengths to debunk what was seen by many and even what was known by most. To the extent that ‘husband and wife’ had to play act, as if all was well, by going to an event together, so as to be photographed. They had most observers who knew the truth in stitches for their shenanigans. Not only is our queen giving very good support to a sitting top State executive, who seem to have become her nos 1 meal ticket right now, she’s also getting supports from others around too.

A few weeks ago, she and her married friend, a southerner who is into cars, were at the latter’s beach home, a very beautiful one at that, one of the very few very well-appointed ones. It’s a very well built one (built with blocks and co) with a beautiful swimming pool, satellite dish etc, unlike all the other beach homes in the area and its not far from that of a Chief Tax collector.

Ex-queen was by the poolside of the car mart owner’s beach house, luxuriating in her Bikini(swim-wear), working on her Ipad oblivious of all other things around her. Are we suggesting anything was amiss? Not at all, why should we. The fact is that the married man about town is known for his many relationships, he most often loves them young and nimble and has a partner in crime, who is a known player in the aviation industry. Madam ex-queen on the other hand is a legend of a kind, we don’t need to say much about her. Both being consenting adults are free to fraternize as they deem fit. Madam should just stop trying to hoodwink us and get on with her business(es).

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