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Founded in 2010, The London Nigerian is one of the UK’s leading online community portal. The London Nigerian is published online with the highest journalistic standards, speaking with an authority that reflects the editorial vetting, fact–checking and deliberative characteristics of opinion journals. We published articles and information that keeps our audience informed and engaged in all issues relating to Nigerians in the UK, Nigeria and rest of the world. is fast becoming the go to source for Nigerian media relations in the UK, is an online community where users can stay informed through continuously updated editorial content, and where they can interact with both The LondonNigerian‘s writers and with each other.

The London Nigerian continues to build momentum with the launch of new social media connections. As of June 2015, The London Nigerian can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube as well as Facebook.

Our Audience has attracted an engaged, highly educated audience professional audience in the UK Nigerian community. According to a recent survey, nearly 70 percent of The London Nigerian readers are self–acknowledged influencers, readers whom friends and colleagues consult for advice regarding purchasing decisions and political action.’s audience:*

  • Unique visitors (average/month): 1500**
  • 5000+ Registered subscribers
  • Age (average): 44
  • Graduate degrees: 39%
  • Male: 66% Female: 34%
  • Married/domestic partnership: 61% Single: 39%

*Source: 2015 Proprietary Survey of Online Audience.
**Google Analytics December 2015.

Social Media audience:

  • Facebook reach: 34,230 (june 2015)
  • Twitter: tweets: 861, following: 221, followers: 210 (july 2015)
  • Linkedin: 3000+ connections (july 2015)
  • Tumblr: coming soon
  • Pintrest: coming soon
  • Youtube: coming soon
  • Instagram: coming soon

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