HELLO FIRST LADY! How’s Germany treating you?

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It’s not something new that our first lady left the shores of Nigeria very recently, either she left by herself or was airlifted: Leaving Nigeria is leaving Nigeria.  What we know basically,  is that she’s presently in Germany where she’s gone for a medical checkup, for an ailment we Nigerians don’t have a right to know about and that’s because (it’s on the need to know basis). Truth is, if we know what it is that she’s gone to treat, what can we do about it.  What is very obvious majorly is that,  no Nigerian hospital could have treated madam first lady, especially as they lack the equipments for proper diagnosis and by extension even the doctors in the country would not have done a good job (at least by madam’s standards).

We just came about the address of where the first lady is staying at in Germany this morning. Her Excellency, the 1st lady of Nigeria is lodged at Hotel Nassauer Hof Wiesbaden, Germany.  It’s a 5-star luxury hotel in Central Wiesbaden, it has been in existent for all of 194 years now, was built in 1819 and was remodelled in 2003. It has a Michelin star restaurant and great spa facilities. The hotel has 169 rooms and 30 suites and it’s just 30 minutes from Frankfurt Rhein Airport. The hotel is a member of ”the leading hotels of the world”. Hotel Nassauer Hof Wiesbaden is referred to as the true gem of German luxury hotel.

That’s where our first lady is having her much deserved rest and we think from where she would either connect with her doctors or where they the doctors would be visiting to check her up.  We don’t know where people got the unconfirmed gist about the first lady having undergone an operation to remove fibroid. People must desist from unfounded speculations,  until we all hear from the first lady’s media aides, it is still just a check up.





Stay well our madam. 

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