Rainstorms Cause Havoc In Abuja

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The first rain in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, during the week and on Friday has left behind it tales of woes.

During the week, violent wind stirred up dust particles which covered the atmosphere with medical experts warning that the development, if it continues, can have some negative health effects.

The rainstorm unplucked branches of trees, uprooted trees and billboards as well as destroyed shanties in the city. Most motorists had to park waiting for the wind to subside, as they complained over poor visibility the likelihood of the wind causing damage to their vehicles.

In Kubwa, some residents complained that they had to run inside the house in fear, when the wind began to destroy things.

Mrs. Patience Ewe, a civil servant said: “It was so bad; we have never seen that kind of thing since the beginning of this year and the worst was that there was no warning by the relevant government parastatal that such was going to happen.

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