Race and cultural diversity represented in new agency

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HOW CAN we encourage mainstream media to embrace diversity? This is a question that has been asked many times but to no avail. Instead of looking to them to create for all, people are starting to create their own companies and business which embrace diversity across all shapes, sizes, genders and colours.

Autograph Media, a photography licensing agency is one of them. The newly launched company specialise in all aspects of race and cultural diversity, and serve to the UK, USA and other English-speaking markets.

Speaking on the company, Mark Sealy MBE, director of Autograph ABP said: “Today’s launch is truly historic. No one else does what we’re doing. We will be providing content that enables new and different perspectives on global events to emerge.”

“At Autograph Media we want to ensure that it doesn’t take decades for people and their stories to be recognised by making the very best images of them easily accessible. People like Bessie Coleman, an American, who in the 1920s became the first black woman to qualify as a stunt pilot. Such stories aren’t widely known and form part of our offer entitled ‘Missing Chapters’.”

Autograph Media’s carefully curated collection is the result of partnerships with prominent individual photographers and established agencies including Magnum Photos, Africa Media Online and Getty Images.

The agency’s collection covers a wide range of subjects, from the abolition of slavery to the recent refugee crisis, and offers the opportunity to discover images and stories of the most influential people in politics, social justice, music, film, sport, TV and youth culture. The company even have a gallery based at Rivington Place in Shoreditch, to spearhead the new agency.

Hamish Crooks, Global Licensing Director at Magnum Photos says, “When Autograph Media approached us, we knew instantly that it was something we wanted to be a part of.”

“We hope this partnership will show audiences a different side of Magnum and highlight some of our amazing photography that they may not have already seen. We’re delighted to be a part of this industry-leading initiative.”

See more of Autograph Media’s work on their website

Source: http://www.voice-online.co.uk

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