Young black men murdered at higher rate in London

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YOUNG BLACK men are being murdered at a higher rate than anywhere else in the country, a Sky News special report has revealed.

Responses to a series of freedom of information requests sent by the broadcaster have uncovered that young black men account for around half of those murdered and suspected of murder in London.

The figures are significantly disproportionate to the capital’s 13% black population, Sky News has reported.

The trend is not in line with any other area of the UK. Statistics for everywhere else across the UK show a correlation between the race and age of murder victims and suspects and the prominent demographic.

Last week, figures released by the Office for National Statistics for the year ending March 2018 revealed a continued rise in the number of offences involving knives or sharp instruments.

Police recorded 16% more offences this year than last.

Mayor of London defends approach to knife crime
On Monday, Boris Johnson blamed Sadiq Khan for the capital’s knife crime problems.

Johnson, who recently resigned from his government role as foreign secretary, wrote in the Telegraph: “It is tragic that so many young lives are again being lost on the pavements of our capital. But for my money there is a further outrage – and that is the abject failure of the mayor of London either to grip the problem, or even to take responsibility.”

Johnson also referred to Khan as a “twinkle-toed mover on the movie premiere red carpet” and accused him of blaming everyone but himself.

Khan responded to Johnson’s comments via an op-ed in the The Independent yesterday. He wrote: “It is ridiculous that my predecessor, Boris Johnson, is totally failing to acknowledge the role of his government in slashing funding to our police, compounding the problems caused by their huge cuts to preventative services and reduction in stop and search.”

He also said: “My commitment to reducing violent crime is why I’ll never stop putting pressure on the government to provide the necessary funding to our police service and to the deliver a modern, innovative public health approach to tackling violent crime. However, when such a serious issue is affecting Londoners, we can’t just wait for this slow and apparently apathetic government to take action. I am implementing what I can in London right now, in those areas where I have powers and funding.”

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