Kim Kardashian Capitalizes On Kanye West’s Hook-Up To Promote Show

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You might just wonder, would there ever be a week without The Kardashian drama? And the answer is no, never, don’t even think about it. There are some people behind the scene telling these people the next step to take and what to do to stay in the news week after week.

Yesterday, the web recorded an astonishing 423 million hits on Kim Kardashian alone after her date night with Kanye West, and Kanye’s controversial newly released single “Thera Flu”. In the morning, Kim was spotted leaving Kanye’s New York apartment for her hotel all “ruffled up” after …..(you know what we mean).

Capitalizing on that scenario, Kim was a guest NBC’s Today Show to talk about their upcoming reality TV show, “Keeping Up With The kardashian”, which is about to start a new season.

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