The First Jetpack You’ll Be Able to Buy

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Number two on the list of promised future technologies that have yet to be delivered, right behind the flying car, is the personal jetpack. Hollywood’s delivered them in spades thanks to special effects, but in real-life New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft is as close as we’re going to get. And now it’s even closer with the company’s latest re-design of its Jetpack—the P12.

Technically still a prototype, the P12 is promised to be very close to the final version of the Martin Jet-pack that could be available commercially sometime in 2014. However, you’ll want to keep your £3,100 deposit in your pocket a little longer because the first units will be exclusively sold to first responders like police and fire personnel who will help field-test the jet-packs.

With a top speed of just 46 mph you’ll have to put your Rocketeer fantasies on hold for just a little while longer. But with a suggested range of about 20 miles or half an hour on a full tank of premium gas, this could be the perfect commuter that isn’t effected by traffic gridlock. Albeit, a very, very expensive commuter with an expected price tag pushing £125,000. But no one ever said progress was cheap.


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