A Microwave That Promises to Fry Your Food Without a Drop of Oil

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Tefal kicked off the “frying foods with minimal oil” trend with its Actifry machine, but who really has room for yet another appliance on their kitchen counter—even if it promises healthier chips and chicken wings? That’s why Samsung has introduced what it calls the Slim Fry feature on its microwaves, adding even more functionality to an appliance most of us can’t live without.

Unlike the Actifry, though, Samsung’s MC28H5135CK does its pseudo-frying without a drop of added oil. Instead, it relies on a built-in grill and convection fans to evenly circulate hot air so that foods get crispy on the outside, not soggy like with most microwaves.

Will the results be indistinguishable from the fried foods you get at your local fast food eatery? Probably not. But the important thing to remember is that you won’t feel incredibly guilty or sick to your stomach hours later.

The MC28H5135CK also has settings to properly cook other healthier fare as well. The $470 (£280) microwave has a built-in humidity sensor that constantly monitors the moisture level inside, so that foods like vegetables and fish come out with appetizing textures. And together, all of those features might mean we finally have a microwave that’s able to reheat a slice of pizza without turning it into a limp soggy mess.

There is no definite word that the MC28H5135CKmodel will be sold in this country, but with Samsung having such a presence in the UK, it is extremely likely that we will see it sold here in time.

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