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Kelvin OkaforKelvin Okafor,  a graduate of Fine Art,  Middlesex University, United Kingdom, is making waves globally with his amazing talent which brings out the realism in what would have been ordinary drawings.

The young artist who is gradually getting acclaimed for his incredible skills and rapidly becoming as famous as his artworks which include sketches of Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

It is remarkable to state that Okafor creates each of his piece in approximately 80-100 hours using only in black and white graphite pencils, charcoal, black coloured pencil and sometimes grey pastels.

Amy Winehouse, Tinie Tempah and Mother Teresa are just some of the celebrities that have been immortalized in Kelvin Okafor’s art.

The 27-year-old, from Tottenham, north London, spends an average of 80 to 100 hours on each portrait.

Painstakingly capturing every detail of the subject’s face using just a pencil, paper and a bit of charcoal, Kelvin works for four hours without a break to get in the zone.

Kelvin said: ‘Before I start drawing, I spend a few hours – even a few days – analyzing the face from every angle. I usually start with the eyes. From there, I make the whole shape of the face and I work in the detail.

Looking at the pictures, it’s almost impossible to spot a pencil line, such is the attention to detail.

His artworks are now so popular he’s been given his own exhibition space at London’s Science Museum, and his drawings are going for up to £10,000 for each piece.

He had recently been commissioned to draw a portrait of King Hussein of Jordan for the late monarch’s widow, Queen Noor.

He said: ‘When I draw, I’m doing something I love. I lose myself in my art. Time doesn’t matter to me.’

“It makes me feel happy to know I am making my family proud. That means the most to me. It makes me want to work harder and do more.”

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