Nadia Buari, the Ghanaian multi-talented “Beyonce” actress goes wild in Abuja

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Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari, the Ghanaian multi-talented actress who imprinted her presence in people’s hearts for her sensational role in Beyonce is a drop-dead gorgeous whose beautiful façade and happy demeanor is well known.

To imagine that charming, smiling face actress going livid with anger is almost as alien as seeing a lark busting into tears but the sexy mulatto did nearly got out of turn last week in Abuja when a cab driver reportedly played a fast one on her.

The story has it that the said cab driver, seeing that Nadia is a Johnny-just-come, tried to gyp her by inflating fares exorbitantly, not knowing that the actress, as foreign as she looks, knows her way around the capital city. An argument is said to have ensued between the two over what should be a fair fare for the journey.

“Early morning temptation-this cab driver wanted to dupe me and not so much about the money, but it’s just the principle and then he yelled and insulted me when I declined”, Nadia later confirmed the incidence on her twitter account.

“Honest to God I felt like grappling and beating the s**t out of him (if I could), because instead of him to be bucolic about it, he was rather yelling at me. Just had to keep my cool and ignore him, because in the end he wasn’t worth my fury. Dear God, thank you for the spirit of stoicism, because I would have hurt him” she added.

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