Nicola Adams is the first female Olympic Boxing Champion of all time

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Nicola Adams Wins Gold at London 2012

Nicola Adams Wins Gold at London 2012

The flyweight became the first British woman to win a major boxing title with victory at the 2011 European Championships and is now the first ever Olympic Female Boxing Champion. Leeds-born Adams suffered a career-threatening back injury in 2009, which sidelined her for a year. She returned to boxing and has not looked back since.She was first taken to boxing classes by her mother. At the age of 13 a coach at her after-school boxing classes told her she was a natural and asked if she wanted to fight in competitions. “When I first started it was really hard to get fights,” she said. “There wasn’t that many other girls boxing. If I was lucky I had maybe one or two tournaments a year until I got to 18 and could compete as a senior.”  She now boxes out of the Haringey Police Community Club

In a display of boxing excellence she dominated the number 1 seed and went on to score a hugh 16 points to 7 victory.

Sporting philosophy / motto

“Just because it’s boxing, doesn’t mean you have to be hit. I’ve never had a broken nose or anything like that. I guess I’m elusive.”

“I’ve knocked a couple of opponents out but fights usually go to points. People think you know when you’re going to knock someone out but you don’t – you hit them and they’re on the floor. The first time I did it, I was like ‘What’s going on?’ I didn’t even think I’d thrown a powerful shot. Women’s boxing is a lot more technical.”


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