Lagos Fertility Centre Celebrates First Baby From IIF’s 40at40 Project

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Nordica Fertility Centre has celebrated the first baby of the Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation (IIF) 40at40 Project, a project geared towards helping 40 couples have their own babies through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), in accordance with the wish of the late founder, Mrs. Ibidunni Ighodalo.

As one of the facilities the Foundation partnered with, Nordica Fertility Clinic has welcomed her first success story from one of the beneficiaries of the project’s first season.

In an interview with LEADERSHIP, Mrs. Carol Arheghan expressed her gratitude to the Foundation and fertility centre, in ensuring that she carries her bundle of joy.

Sharing her experience, Mrs Arheghan who got married 11 years ago, said: “Like every other couple, my husband and I expected that after wedding, we would have our children naturally. In the first, second and third year, nothing happened. It was in the fifth year, we got to know the cause of our infertility. The doctor gave medications to my husband to boost our chances of conception. Still nothing.”

Mrs Arheghan further explained that she sought advice from a friend, who referred her to the fertility clinic before eventually coming across IIF.

“That was six years ago. I never wanted to do IVF because of my background. Being a pastor’s wife, I initially believed that IVF is not God’s will. With much conviction and encouragement from the managing director, Nordica Fertility Clinic, Dr Abayomi Ajayi and his wife, however, we started the process in late 2019 into January 2020, but was not successful, because the embryo stopped developing.

“I felt the world crumbled on me. I felt all my efforts were a waste. But Nordica called from time to time to encourage me. In late 2020, however, we went back for another procedure. When we discovered Nordica was selected for the Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation 40at40 project, we told them we had already started the IVF process with the clinic. That was how they transferred us there. Around January/February we started the process again and in May, the embryo transfer was done and today we are carrying our baby,” she added.

She reclled that the IVF procedure cost a lot six years ago, which took them a year to save the money, adding that with the Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation’s IVF grant, she didn’t spend anything.

“I truly appreciate the Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation in alleviating the agony of women battling infertility.

“I must also thank Nordica Fertility Clinic for doing everything to ensure that the process was successful. I will rate Nordica Fertility Clinic 10 out of 10. They never let any stone unturned. There was no assumptions. They showed care and concern. They did everything to ensure that the process was successful,” her husband, Pastor Prince Arheghan added.

As a pastor of Great Harvest Deliverance Centre, Mr Arheghan said he believed that it was God who has given fertility experts the wisdom, to be able to come up with IVF treatment.

“The truth of the matter is if God doesn’t do it directly, He has given people wisdom and ideas to be able to help people solve their problems. This is not just going to be the end of man’s innovation to all of the issues of life. As the world evolves, there are going to be more challenges, issues and God will keep giving people wisdom to solve all of them whether physically, spiritually or medically,” he added.

In his reaction, Dr. Ajayi said, “To us, success is attained when our elite physicians collaborate and apply their combined knowledge and individual skills as doctors to solving your infertility, helping you achieve your dreams of parenthood. That is our bottomline. Today, our clinics in Lagos, Abuja and Asaba have become the preferred choice of patients seeking fertility care.”

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