New Metis Single Picked up for Global Coca Cola Campaign

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Q. Can you tell me about the music track? Why this composition? Who is the artist and why did you choose this artist?

A. Coca-Cola’s music partner, Music Dealers, a global music-licensing company, employed similar crowd-sourcing techniques in its quest to find the perfect soundtrack for the great stories uncovered throughout the Make It Possible dance project. To help get dancers’ creativity flowing, Music Dealers turned to its community of 14,000 independent artists and delivered 15 unique dance tracks from artists all over the world to which choreographers created their unique dances. Once the “Toe Tappy” was selected, Music Dealers tasked its artist community to submit custom songs to compliment the specific dance. With over 50 artist submissions to choose from, Coca-Cola, Ogilvy and Music Dealers ultimately decided on up-and-coming artist, Metis. Crowd-sourced from over14,000 artists worldwide by Music Dealers, the resulting TV spot is set to a track called “I’m All In” by Metis featuring Aynzli Jones Metis, whose single “Champion” has had significant airplay in the US and UK, represents another tale of possibility: abandoned a successful job on Wall Street to pursue his passion for music, and he is now having his talents exposed to the world through the anthem that accompanies the Coke Zero ad.

“Authenticity was key for us, and we hoped to find an artist who you could really feel has lived his own story of possibility in order to bring a natural- ness to our storytelling. Metis’ track was simple – powerful – emotional – natural – and was perfect to accompany this powerful story of possibility. We’re extremely excited with the end result, “ said Ogilvy’s Creative Trio, Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian Bodet.


Metis was born and raised in California to two loving parents, of very modest means. Despite neither having attended University,?the importance of a strong work ethic and a perseverance to never give up on your own dreams was instilled in him deeply, and he ended up being accepted to and attending Brown University, an Ivy League institution, graduating at the top of his class. He paid his University fees working in the cafeteria at Brown, taking out student loans, and teaching young kids how to not only play basketball, but also how to prepare themselves for the recruiting process and exams that would enable them to play athletics at the collegiate level.

After graduating and accepting a job on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs, Metis worked his way up through the analyst program amidst stiff competition to become the youngest Proprietary Trader in the firm’s history. After three years, his passion for writing and music was rekindled after seeing an inspiring gig and, despite already working 15 hour days, he began to secretly pen lyrics at his desk, in the bathroom, on the bus to work, anywhere he could find a spare minute. After work, Metis would leave the office quietly, and change from suit and tie to jeans and sneakers on the way to gigs, often staying in the studio or on stage long into the night, only to return to work in the morning at 5am the next day. He actually hired a PR company to keep his name out of the press during this time, such was the risk to his job, and by extension his family that he helped to provide for.

Metis turned to Music Dealers CEO Eric Sheinkop, who suggested he consider music-licensing as a non-traditional channel by which to break into the ultra-competative music industry. He then submitted his music to the Music Dealers catalogue, which over the next year was included in close to 100 pitches for inclusion in video games, TV shows, movies and commercials. This process allowed creative decision-makers to get familiar not only with Metis’ fresh sound and unique musical abilities, but also with his unrelenting drive to pursue his passion. All of these qualities helped Metis stand out recently when Music Dealers turned to its global community of 14,000 independent artists in search of the perfect soundtrack for Coke Zero’s Make It Possible dance project. Coca-Cola and Music Dealers hand-selected Metis to create a custom track to accompany the community-created “Toe Tappy” dance, the centerpiece of Coke Zero’s Make It Possible campaign. Recognizing his superb talent and full embodiment of the brand’s belief of “action creating possibility”, Coke Zero’s global TV spot is set to Metis’ track, “I’m All In” featuring Aynzli Jones.

After three years of pursuing his true passion in secrecy, Metis eventually quit, leaving behind huge opportunity at the firm to follow his heart, and to live his dream, and he is now having his talents exposed to the world through the anthem that accompanies the Coke Zero ad.

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