I Have Developed A Thick Skin Against Nigerian Press

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Bukky Wright

Bukky Wright

When happening in your personal life is a source of income and patronage for the tabloids, then there is bound to be true and false reports peddled about you without recourse to professionalism. One actress whose life affairs have gained more publicity than her profession is Nollywood actress and business woman Bukky Wright.

In the past few months, personal affairs of the actress have been a source of news to the tabloid and bloggers. One of such is the news that she is married to 5 men at the same time.

“She’s a perfect script interpreter and her legacy would live long after her. Though she is newly remarried, many are skeptical about the success potential of the wedding as she has the record of the most wedded Nigerian actress – the recent one was the fifth. She’s said to have never legally divorced any of her hubbies; which means she’s married to five husbands at the same time. Apart from this, she has a reputation of relationships with married men. She is even rumoured to be using charms in luring men to her. One of them is said to be a billionaire property merchant. Bukky is indeed very controversial.”

The actress was said to have told a close confidant that she is no longer bothered about what the tabloids write about her, because 90% of it were false.

“She said she has developed a thick skin against Nigerian press who never sees the good thing she is doing, but will go extra length to find out who she is dating or sleeping with,” said the Source.

There are some high price tags on success, and this is definitely one of them. There are a lot women out there doing worse things than her (if she ever does anything bad in the first place), and living their lives without being harassed.

But a successful actress of her caliber can’t just escape it.


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