Popular Yoruba Actress Mosun Filani Debunks Husband-Snatching Allegations

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Mosunmola Filani and Kayode Oduoye, CEO, Shalom Group

Mosunmola Filani and Kayode Oduoye, CEO, Shalom Group

Beautiful popular Yoruba actress and producer, Mosunmola Filani, should by now be wallowing in the bliss of honeymoon, after having signed off her maiden name in a traditional wedding engagement to handsome Kayode Oduoye, CEO, Shalom Group, early this month in Ibadan. But the reverse is the case for the Ikole-Ekiti-born damsel whose recent movie “Iku Ewa” earned her 4 awards and 11 nominations.

Before she could hardly settle down to savour her new role as a wife some news about her snatching another woman’s husband was let loose in the media.

The story which was broken by an online magazine outfit, claimed Mosun snatched Kayode Oduoye from one Yemisi who was Simeon’s wife before Mosun got married to him.

The magazine stated that “trouble started for Yemisi when he met Mosun some months ago” but was not clear on whether Mosun and Yemisi were friends at any point and was not forthcoming with any evidence whether Mosun met Yemisi before meeting her husband, Simeon.

The magazine went further to say that the development, Mosun and Kayode’s relationship, “became unbearable for Yemisi who then had no option than to leave for South Africa with her two children”.

But the whole allegation of husband snatching saga has been discounted by Mosun who in a phone chat said ” There is no element of truth in that, it is purely the works of my detractors. All they have published online and in some soft sell magazines are all fallacies and fiction. They are just rantings of ‘enemies of progress’. I have not snatched anybody’s husband”

Also reacting to the statement in the story that “trouble started for Yemisi (Simeon Kayode Oduoye’s ex wife) when he met Mosun some months ago” Mosun said the statement is simply preposterous, saying ” I have never met or spoken or had any means of contact with her (her husband’s ex) before.

” I met him (her husband) after he was separated from his ex wife and there was no woman in his house or in his life as at when we met. His ex wife and kids have been living outside Nigeria for some years now. As at when we met, no woman was living with him” she said.

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