My Heart And Body Chose Annie Macaulay

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2face Idibia

2face Idibia

Groom-to-be 2face Idibia tackles all (well, almost all) the nagging questions on his recent proposal to Annie Macaulay, his current relationship with Pero Adeniyi and Sunmbo Ajaba, and their upcoming wedding…

Of your three ‘baby mamas’, why Annie?

That’s where my heart led me to.

Why Valentine’s Day?

That’s when it happened.? It just so happened to be the time I felt the need to make that move.

Considering that you have known her for such a long time and what has happened with you with the women and the children, when did you decide to make the move?

It was part of my New Year resolution to follow my heart this year.

How did the thought come into your mind?

Like any other thought about something important. You start feeling the need to do something or go somewhere different from deep within. Then you just make your move one time. No shaking.

When do you plan to tie the knot?

We will let you know soon enough.

Why did it take you so long to finally make this decision?

I needed to get there, you know, reach the point wey e be say, gbagam!? My mind, heart and everything dey ready. The timing for marriage should not be determined by any outside influence my guy. If you are not ready for it don’t commit to it because some people think you should.

Were you nervous before you popped the question?

Yes I was but I was sure of what I was doing.

What if she had turned down the offer?

Wow! I would have asked again.

Can you really be a one-woman man?

Na the journey I don start so now, abi?

What will change now that you are about to get married?

Everything that needs to change.

What is your relationship with the other mothers of your children?

Same at it has been all the while. Cordial mostly. I’ve still got respect for them because we have kids together.

Do you know their reaction to this decision?

I know it may be difficult if any one happens to still be attached emotionally but I can only hope they understand that that’s where my heart is.

Other women have been associated with you in the past five years. Pero, as a matter of fact, is expecting a third child for you soon. One would have expected that the woman with three children would be your option. Not that you owe it anyone, but can you explain the reason for your choice?

Wow! And someone else would say it should have been the mother of my eldest child. Another person will even argue that it should be the lady that has been with me for the longest time. These are matters of the heart. They can’t always be analysed like that. Sometimes you no fit analyse am at all sef.

Being that you had three women to choose from, at least seemingly, what it is about Annie that decided it for you?

My mind, my body, my soul, my heart chose her.

Now that you have decided to settle down with your ‘True love’, your ‘African Queen’, how will this affect your song writing?

It will add more inspiration.

Your next album drops very soon. Any chances of an ‘African queen II’ to celebrate your fiancée?

Yes o!

Who will perform at your wedding?

Certainly not me. A couple of my colleagues definitely.

Culled from Nigerian Entertainment Today

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