NMA Calls Doctors to Deliver Quality Healthcare

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Osahon-Enabulele-President-Nigeria-Medical-Association2The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has called on all Nigerian doctors to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services in all public hospitals.

This call was made as a result of information reaching the Association that plans are being made by some hospital support staff to prevent Nigerian doctors from providing healthcare services in public hospitals in Nigeria.

In a press statement released by the NMA President, Dr. Osahon Enabulele, he said, “while we have nothing against the right of people to determine how best to actualize their demands, we shall however not tolerate any attempt to obstruct medical and dental practitioners in the course of rendering their official duties.”

The statement further reads: “In line with the foregoing, the Nigerian Medical Association wishes to use this medium to direct all doctors nation-wide to remain at their duty posts and to work relentlessly to render uninterrupted services, particularly for emergency cases, in all public hospitals.

“We strongly urge them to remain committed to their God-given responsibility of offering quality healthcare services to the toiling and long deprived people of Nigeria, in all public hospitals.”

Osahon consequently called on all Chief Medical Directors/Medical Directors to ensure sustained provision of clinical/healthcare services to Nigerians in all public hospitals, by providing adequate security, and ensuring access to hospital materials, equipment and other healthcare facilities in the hospitals.

“Despite the fact that NMA’s several demands for institutionalization of best practices, strengthened public-private partnership policy and professionalism in Nigerian hospitals, as well as better working conditions for her members are yet to be attended to, we assure all Nigerians that the NMA shall continue to promote professionalism, patient-centred care and development initiatives with positive impact on the health of Nigerians,” he assured.

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