Goldie’s Last Days

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You’ve heard that phrase before, “Live every moment as if it was your last.” In this season, as we remember singer, Goldie Harvey who passed on last week, it now more than ever before bears repetition. If the ‘Touch my body” singer knew that she was nearing the end of her days on earth, would she have done things differently? It’s quite difficult to say; because the dead don’t talk. But as we go through the last days of Goldie Harvey, perhaps you can answer that question for yourself.
Her final eventThe last event Goldie Harvey officially attended was the 55th Grammy awards in Los Angeles. The singer is said to have arrived the event in the company of Kenny Ogungbe, Founder of Kennis Music and Nollywood actor cum politician, Richard Mofe Damijo on February 12.

However, because there were no photos taken in the actual hall or on the actual red carpet at the grammy awards, many believe that the bunch could not get into the venue. Until Goldie’s passing on, social media was awash with mix feelings about her leopard skin dress as well as her pose on the streets of Los Angeles and not at the Grammies. There’s an event we are sure she actually attended; a pre-Grammy party with American Musicians Ciara, and Chaka Khan on February 8th.

The Diva’s last words

It’s quite difficult to decipher what Goldie’s last words were, but her last tweet is one to remember. On February 13, few hours before she passed on, Goldie tweeted on her personal twitter page, OLUWAG?LDIE ?@GoldieHarvey: “A season of abstinence enhances creativity, inner strength and major answers to prayer…?”

Goldie did her last photo shoot with her very close and equally controversial friend, Derenele Edun for SIMS magazine. Goldie looked Goddess-like in a black dress and magnificient make up for the shoot. Derenle was one of the last people who saw her alive.

Her last Interview

Goldie’s last known official interview was with an online station, Ibakatv in November 2012. In the five minute chat, the singer spotting a revealing gold dress opened up about her growing up, education, likes and dislikes and her experience in the Big Brother House. When asked about her beauty tips, Goldie said: “Surround yourself with happy people who will make you happy, because if you’re miserable, you’ll always feel ugly.”

The smile seemed to disappear from her face when asked about alleged visits between herself and Prezzo. “It’s my personal life” she said, “it’s my business and how I choose to live my life is no one’s business.” Ironically, Goldie though playfully, mentioned death in that interview. Her words: “I hate cockroaches, if I see a cockroach here, I could just take off my clothes and just die.”

The Controversial star’s last scandal

“What was Goldie’s last scandal?” This is one question that we will be trying to answer for years to come. Just when we thought that the BBA drama with Prezzo would last us a lifetime, Goldie passed on mysteriously with a lot of hullaballoo as to the cause of her death.

Then came Andrew Harvey with the wedding pictures. Before we could recover to take a breather, Ifeoma Harvey who claims to have been Goldie’s best friend says the deceased star snatched her husband, Andrew who is seriously ill in a hospital in Malaysia.

Whether friend or family, fan or foe, the Goldie situation sure makes you wonder: “What if today was my last day on earth?”.


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