North London Man Seeking Justice Will Have His Day in Court

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Khomeini Bukhari, wants justice for the harassment he encountered from officers of the Nigerian Police Force during a visit to the Millennium Park in Abuja Nigeria on the 29th of October 2011.

During the alleged incident, Mr Bukhari was threatened, mistreated and had personal items taken, including N200,000 and N1.3m Breitling Chronomat Evolution wristwatch. Mr Bukhari also reports on the casual manner with which his report of the incident was treated at the Maitama Police Station and the FCT Police Command.

Mr Bukhari, a frequent visitor to Nigeria had embarked on this trip to finalize wedding arrangements with the family of his fiancée. A journey that  has now become one man’s crusade to find justice. Mr Bukhari is now back in Britain and continues seeking justice, he has told his story to the world, and despite resistance will have his day in court. The case is to be heard in Abuja where the incident occurred, on 26th September 2012.

Further details of the incident have been submitted by Mr Khomeini Bukhari, including a petition to the president and will be released as the case progresses.

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