NCC supports WAFICT Congress 2012 for Broadband Growth

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In line with its commitment to broadband growth in the country, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has confirmed it is partnering with the organisers of the West African Information and Communications Technology (WAFICT) Congress 2012 to work towards achieving the goal.

With focus on issues around broadband penetration, accessibility and policies, the regulator has taken this event as an avenue to push forward its broadband plans and strategies for the country.

The Executive Vice Chairman of the Commission, Eugene Juwah had at different occasions reiterated the Commission’s commitment to broadband deployment, describing it as the next revolution to be witnessed by the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

And with this partnership, the regulator is set to leverage on the Congress to harness divergent views of experts from across the West African region in driving broadband growth in Nigeria. This will also be an avenue for the Commission to unveil its strategic broadband plans and targets.

Director of Public Affairs of the NCC,  Tony Ojobo, who confirmed the partnership with IT & Telecom Digest for the WAFICT Congress 2012, described the event as “most suitable” for providing the Commission the platform for spreading the broadband message to Nigerians.

“For us at the NCC, broadband is our major focus going forward. And, the WAFICT Congress 2012 is most suitable in giving us the needed avenue to pass the very important message that we have, regarding broadband to Nigerians and other experts that will be attending the event from other countries,” Ojobo affirmed.

Commenting on NCC’s partnership with IT & Telecom Digest for the WAFICT Congress 2012, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, Mkpe Abang, said:

“The NCC has by this partnership clearly shown that it is very desirous to bring the broadband message to Nigerians. But even more than that; the commission will be able to use the opportunity that WAFICT 2012 provides to articulate its broadband goals and objectives and share with the public, how it will implement a practicable policy that brings broadband to all nooks and crannies of Nigeria.”

With the theme: ‘Bridging West Africa’s Digital Divide Through Broadband,’ the fourth WAFICT Congress holding May 8-10, 2012 at the Eko Expo Hall, Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, and organised by Africa’s foremost ICT magazine, IT & Telecom Digest, will bring together telecom regulators and operators across the sub-region with top notch speakers, to chart the course for the industry’s growth.

“WAFICT 2012 is a grand platform to hear from governments and regulators in West Africa on their policies on broadband and strategies for deployment; from equipment manufacturers, mobile operators, telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, experts, and many more, from across the world, what potential exists in broadband and their offerings for the sub-region,” Abang added.

According to him, WAFICT 2012 will be building on the success of the 2011 event, thereby providing delegates and sponsors as well as industry associations and governments a platform to fashion the sub-region’s economies using broadband.

“From the resounding success in last year’s outing, WAFICT Congress 2012, with the reputation as the leading ICT conference for the sub-region, will define the direction operators and players in the region will follow in the years ahead. With its categorisation as the biggest and most professional conference in the sub-region, companies that want to get the most exposure do not miss the opportunity to participate in and attend this conference,” he stated.

According to the organisers, broadband was chosen as the key area to focus attention because after over a decade of exciting growth in mobile voice, and in tandem with global trends, broadband is naturally the next phase of the telecom revolution.

Governments in the sub-region, the organisers say, have a role to provide the enabling laws, policies and environment to encourage investment in the sector. “And, WAFICT 2012 provides them that platform to make these programmes and policies known to potential investors while at the same time creating the awareness of such policies for the knowledge of the citizenry.”


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