O.J. Simpson Furious With Daughter For Squandering His $25,000 Monthly Pension

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Jailed former American Football star, O.J. Simpson, is said to be on the verge of losing his South Florida home because his oldest daughter Arnelle, whom he entrusted his properties and interests with has not paid the mortgage in two years.

Simpson is furious with Arnelle’s behavior and is blaming her for squandering his $25,000-a-month NFL pension, and cannot pay the $3,133 mortgage on his four-bedroom home.

Payments have not been made on the house since 2010, and O.J. was surprised when he was approached to sign paperwork to fight the foreclosure.

An angry O.J. was said to have called his 39 year-old unmarried daughter from his Nevada prison base and accused her of blowing his money on alcohol, shopping and living a lavish lifestyle.

Arnelle is said to be a shopaholic and a chronic drinker, who is fond of taking friends to expensive restaurants and footing the bill.

Unfortunately, all he could do at this moment was just bark and yell from behind the bars as he has 31 years of his 33 year jail sentence remaining.

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