Why Nigerians must apologise to Kaita

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Adegboye Onigbinde

Adegboye Onigbinde

The red card Sanni Kaita bagged at the last World Cup in South Africa was as a result of tactical ineptitude by Eagles’ coaches, as it could have been avoided if the coaches were in tune with modern day coaching. Former Super Eagles’ coach, Chief Adegboye Onigbinde, made this assertion at the weekend in Lagos.

Onigbinde said that instead of condemning Kaita for the red card offence, he should be celebrated because he did what any player that lacked tutorials from his coaches should have done. He was, therefore, of the opinion that Nigerians should tender apology to Kaita, while the football federation should pay him for the trauma he had passed through over the incident.

“I was disappointed to here that Kaita was a villain instead of being celebrated as a hero. If Nigerians could recollect the scenario that brought about the red card Kaita picked at the World Cup in 2010, they would recollect that Kaita was moving with the ball, but he was disposed by an opponent and when he watched his back and saw that there was no player covering him, he chased the player and hacked him down,” Onigbinde recollected.

“The coaches were not alive to their responsibilities. They were more concerned about winning the match rather than covering their tracks, hence the country paid dearly for it. Ask any knowledgeable coach and he will analyse that scenario the same way as I did so far he does not attach sentiments. “I don’t hate the coaches, but the truth must be told. They went as far as telling Nigerians that Kaita was the devil plaguing Nigerian football, but I am of the opinion that an apology should be written to the young man and Nigerians should be told the truth.”

Onigbinde also said that contrary to insinuations that he hates Coach Samson Siasia, he is Siasia’s greatest fan. He said that he only tells the truth whenever he is called upon to air his opinion on national issues. “I don’t have any issue with Siasia. In fact, I am his fan. But I had to say what I said after we failed to qualify for the last Nations Cup because of what Siasia’s contract stated. I know he understood me perfectly and I wish him the best in his future endeavours,” Chief Onigbinde concluded.

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