Football Impasse: FA Boss Advocates Peace

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Nigeria Football Association
Nigeria Football Association

For the purpose of peace and settlement of the current stalemate rocking the nation’s football, the chairman of the FCT Football Association, Musa Sa’eed Talle has urged the worried parties to sheath their swords and embrace peace in the interest of the game.

He said the present onslaught is killing the growth of the round leather game hence the need for both parties to put aside their differences and embrace peace for the game to develop in the country, noting that a divided house like that of the NFF will not augur well for the development of football in Nigeria should the matter fail to be resolved amicably. “If two elephants fight it is the grass that bears the brunt. It is the players in the local league that will suffer. No scouts will come for them. I will only implore the warring factions to bury their hatchets for the good of the game.”

He called on football stakeholders in the country to rally round the two bodies to bring the matter to a logical conclusion. “I call on stakeholders without delay because the people involved are not fighting for the growth of the game rather for their selfish interests. Other sports federations were associations before they all changed to federation and nobody cared to find out, why is football different? At the time that we are hoping that the era of crisis are over and focus more on football development from the grassroots with various qualifiers ahead we are facing court cases, how can we grow,” he summarised.

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