London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks

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About the event:

London will once again mark midnight on New Year’s Eve with a fireworks display at the London Eye.

Best Fireworks in London this New Year’s Eve
The event, organised by the Mayor of London, promises to be one of the best fireworks displays in Europe.

Join in the oohs and ahhs as amazing fireworks are launched from the 135-metre (442ft) London Eye, projecting beautiful colours and lights across the capital in celebration of the New Year.

Getting a Good View on New Year’s Eve in London
The popularity of the New Year’s Eve fireworks display means it gets very crowded near the London Eye. You won’t be allowed to enter the viewing area once it’s full.

The best views of the fireworks are from Victoria Embankment, the South Bank, and Westminster and Waterloo Bridges. Hungerford Bridge and Westminster Bridge will be closed from 8pm.

Alternative Places to Watch the Show
If you can’t watch the fireworks from along the banks of the Thames, head to high ground like Hampstead Heath for some spectacular views.

Alternatively, persuade any mates you have with high balconies or roof gardens to host a New Year’s Eve party, and experience the fireworks from the comfort of their home!

The fireworks will also be televised live on BBC1.

You’re strongly advised to not bring a car into Central London on New Year’s Eve and to use public transport instead. Road closures will be put in place from 6pm.


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