Nokia lights up London for Lumia 800 promo

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Nokia hasn’t been shy promoting the Lumia 800, but it cranked things up even higher in London, UK, last night with a huge animation projected onto a 120m high building on the banks of the River Thames. Millbank Tower saw electro producer deadmau5 pumping out an exclusive set while its 800 windows – specially vinyl-clad for better graphics – were painted by light from 16 projectors across the water. Check out the video after the cut.


Using projections to bring buildings alive isn’t new, but it’s quite the departure for Nokia whose previous launches have been somewhat more low-key. The Finnish firm can’t afford to play it safe with the new Lumia range, however; Nokia has turned to Windows Phone to restore its fortunes, but Microsoft’s platform is running catch-up in comparison to iPhone and Android.

High-profile events like the impromptu deadmau5 concert are obviously one way of raising attention, though Nokia has also been investing cash – its own and Microsoft’s, part of the two company’s deal around Windows Phone – to promote the Lumia 800 and future devices in retail stores. The smartphone went on sale in the UK midway through this month, though while carriers have been positive in their reports of consumer interest, we’re still yet to see any solid figures be released.

More photos from the Nokia deadmau5 event here, and you can find our full Lumia 800 review here.


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