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Former President Ibrahim Babangida

Former President Ibrahim Babangida

Former President Ibrahim Babangida has expressed shock over the death of the Publisher of the Guardian Newspaper, Chief Alex Ibru, at the age of 66.

Babangida, in condolence message which he personally signed yesterday, said he was shocked because he never heard of any illness or health difficulties through his several telephone conversations with his ‘good friend’ with whom he had over forty years of close acquaintances.

The former President, who said the news of Ibru’s death ‘immediately’ brought forth nostalgic feelings of all their exchanges and interactions all through life, said Alex was a simple man.

Part of the message titled ‘Alex Ibru: Tribute to a Complete Gentleman’ reads: “His simplicity explains his philosophy of life and the way he engaged those who have opportunity to encounter him throughout his sojourn in life. I am aware that quite a number of people might not know the real Alex Ibru. He was one man who believed strongly in the unity of Nigeria and was ready to sacrifice his all to sustain that ideal.

“He was always worried about those turbulent times when the country was faced with challenges. Despite his belief in the unity of the country, he remained a principled man in all his engagements.”


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