Nigeria: NFF Lambasts Odegbami

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Segun Odegbami

Segun Odegbami

The Nigeria Football Federation on Tuesday carpeted former international winger, Segun Odegbami for his crude attacks and ill-wishes for Nigeria football, assuring him that Nigeria football will rise gradually to its best ever height despite his prophecies of doom and despicable comments.

NFF Executive Committee member and chairman of the Nigeria National League, High Chief Emeka Inyama lambasted Odegbami, saying that the former player has consistently refused to align himself with reality, preferring to operate in the realms of grand illusion.

” It is a shame that Odegbami has continued to attack the Nigeria Football Federation for no just cause. He chickened out of the election because he saw the handwriting on the wall, knowing he was facing spectacular failure at the poll. He knows virtually nothing about association football and has no sympathy with any Football Association in the country, not even in his Ogun State, where he is a persona non grata. We remember he got only one vote in the last Ogun State FA elections.

“How can someone who cannot even win support in his home State be talking about running football at the centre? What a joke? Odegbami served on the board previously and came out a woeful failure. Let him tell Nigerians one single venture he has undertaken in Nigerian sports that did not end in a colossal failure”, said Chief Inyama.

The NFF Executive Committee member continued: “He started a football academy that now, only exists in his own imagination, several years after. Can anyone compare his academy with the Pepsi Football Academy pioneered by Coach Kashimawo Laloko, which has been churning out talents who have featured for various categories of the National Teams?

“The present NFF is composed of persons of high integrity and achievement in several areas of human endeavour, and despite a few setbacks, no thanks principally to distractions championed by the likes of Odegbami, we are determined to lift the Nigeria game and keep it at the very top.”

“We are happy to have appointed Stephen Keshi and we believe that with total support of the NFF and Nigerians, he will go places. The likes of Odegbami will sulk and sulk and will only stand far away to mourn their poor vision.”

“The NFF is fully aware of the gameplan by some persons to try and instal Odegbami into the NFF through the back door, via a so-called Normalization Committee. This is a pipe dream.

“He claims to have spent so much money in the last NFF elections. He might as well inform Nigerians whom he gave the monies to and for what purpose”, said Inyama.

The chairman of Nigeria National League warned: “From now on, Odegbami should be ready to receive as much as he gives. Or perhaps, even more than he gives. If he was such an extra-ordinary player, how come he could not single-handedly steer Nigeria to the FIFA World Cup finals in his playing days.

“The NFF sees the likes of Odegbami as mere irritants that do not deserve any attention, which is why we have ignored him all this while. But it is now ample time to put him in his place.

“He continues to write about ‘illegality’ every week after failing miserably to get anything done about a legally-composed Federation, which won a proper election and has court orders validating its existence. We are aware of Odegbami’s dastard moves but we will meet him fire-for-fire from now on”.


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