Pele Mama Alata: Investment boom in Nigeria

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When was the last time you went to the market? With the rate at which new supermarkets are opening in the city – and the crazy prices at which these new outlets are selling their stuff, they are trying to give your average market woman a run for her money!

In partnership with the Artee Group (the guys behind Park N’Shop), SPAR – the international retail network – has opened their flagship outlet in Lekki and apparently they have serious plans for world domination with up to 15 new outlets planned in Nigeria over the next few years.

Finally, an option for those lekkians who don’t necessarily want to get stuck in the long lines and slow tills at Shoprite! But we wonder whether they can really compete – remember this is Parky’s in a different skin – has the leopard really changed his spots?

All the same, we expect they will do well.  At a time when for many firms elsewhere in the world cost cutting and store closures are the only way forward, the undeniable opportunity in our city provides an irresistible opportunity for growth.  Whose coming next? Tesco? Walmart?

Park N’ Shop Centre, near Nicon town, and Total filling station, Ikate-Elegushi Layout, Lekki

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