Nigerian Carnival UK

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The NIGERIAN CARNIVAL UK is an attempt to educate and enlighten people about Nigerians. We hope to showcase the culture and commercial vibrancy of the country, in a bid to further launch her into the international mainstream and defeat negative stereotypes.

It is also aimed at addressing and re-orientating peoples’ perception about the country, whose viability in the area of human and cultural resources cannot be over-emphasised.

The Nigerian carnival aims to promote Nigeria’s rich resources and create the best platform for Nigerians in the UK. This we hope to achieve through information dissemination and entertainment.

We aim to continue bridging the cultural gap that exists between generations and to encourage participation in the promotion of our heritage and country.

We also aim to market Nigeria to the world as a tourist, trade and investment destination.

The Nigerian Carnival is the first of its kind any where in the world that will bring Nigerians in Diaspora together in one peaceful accord.

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