10 Signs That You Are Not The Only Woman In His Life

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We’d all like to be the only woman in the man of our dream’s life. We’d all like to enjoy our relationship without the niggling worry that we might not actually be the only woman. A lot of the time it sounds ridiculous to even entertain the idea that our man might be juggling us with someone else. Unfortunately, sometimes he is; sometimes we fall into the trap set by a player who has juggled women and relationships before. If you’re worried that you aren’t the only girl who has stolen your man’s heart, let’s take a look at the top 10 signs that you are not the only girl in his life.

He Doesn’t Like Committing To Plans In Advance

Each time you suggest doing something or going somewhere, he gives you a maybe answer.

“Hey! Do you fancy going to the cinema next Friday?”


“Hey! Do you fancy going to the ball game next Monday?”


“Hey! Do you want to come shopping with me on Saturday? I’ll make it fun!”


If you press him, it’s likely that he doesn’t even have an excuse why he can’t commit to a date. He’s just “not sure” and “can’t remember” when he’s busy and when he isn’t. It basically means that he’s keeping his options open.

He’s A Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma

Sure, the brooding, mysterious types are attractive at first. But once you get to know a guy and start dating him, the mystery should fall away as he opens up to you and tells you his name, his age and where he lives. Et cetera.

If your man is still a mystery to you even after several dates, you should take this as a warning sign. You should by now have found certain things about him; certain things he was only too happy to reveal. If he’s keeping his cards close to his chest, be careful.

He Has LOTS Of Female Friends

Of course, your man is allowed to have friends of the opposite sex and you certainly shouldn’t tell him to abandon them now that you’re in his life. It isn’t right for anyone to suddenly abandon their friends just because they’ve entered a relationship.

But if he has TONNES of female friends who are constantly draped around his arms in Facebook photographs, you should probably be a little bit concerned. The more women he knows, the more likely it is that you aren’t the only one close to him.

You’re His Friend To Everyone Else

To you, you’re his girlfriend and he’s your boyfriend. Privately, he possibly acknowledges this and agrees with it.

But when he’s referring to you to other people, he says that you’re just a friend.

This is a huge telltale sign that a man is playing with your heart and stringing you along. If he can’t bring himself to admit to the world that you’re an item, it usually means that it’s because he’s got a few other women in his life who are “just friends.”

There Is A Lack Of Public Intimacy

If you’re the only woman in his life, he would surely have no problems kissing and touching you in public. In fact, he’d probably initiate it all.

But if he’s got you and someone else in his love life, the chances are that he isn’t too keen on getting it on in full view of everyone. If he bristles at public affection and never initiates even a peck on the cheek, you’re right to be concerned that he’s trying to make sure he doesn’t get caught out.

He Does Weird Things

When somebody is having an affair, they can become agitated and do weird things. This might include refusing to answer their cell phone or keeping it switched off whenever they’re around you. It might mean refusing to let you use their laptop or go through their phone. And when you ask him how his day went, he might shrug and just say “it was okay” without going into any details. None of this is normal behaviour and should be seen as a red flag.

He Comes To See You …

… But rarely lets you go to see him.

The fact that his place seems to always be out of bounds could be down to the fact that it’s being decorated, as he says; or it could be down to the fact that he has a woman living there who he naturally doesn’t want you to see!

If he still hasn’t given you his home address, he clearly doesn’t want you in his neighbourhood where you could be seen … or where you might see someone who upsets you.

You Still Haven’t Met His Mom

Normally, guys love introducing their girlfriends to their mothers. And naturally, a mother is always desperate to meet the latest girl their son is dating.

If you’ve been seeing your man for a few weeks and he still hasn’t suggested that you meet his mom (and dad), it’s time to make the suggestion yourself. If he stalls and says it’s too soon, you should definitely start to worry.

He Flirts With His Friends

Some guys are naturally flirtatious. But when a man is in a relationship, it’s his duty to flirt with you and you only.

If you catch him flirting with his female friends often, you should be a little bit cautious. It could be a sign that he flirts with anyone who he is attracted to, and it could mean that it isn’t just you he’s gone a little bit further with.

His Friend Is Not Gender-Specific

If he mentions that he’s going to see “a friend” today but doesn’t specify who it is – or that it’s a male – you should be a little bit suspicious. Guys who have nothing to hide will come out and tell you which friend they are seeing. But if a guy is trying to hide another girl from you, he won’t tell you that he’s going to see her; and he won’t even tell you that the person he’s going to meet is a she.


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