5 Strategy Lessons From a Runs Girl

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From a business angle, there are a few lessons a self-employed professional can learn from a professional commercial sex-worker (not the scantily dressed skank type you’ll see on dark street corners in a red light district flashing her breasts in a cheap push-up bra trying to outdo her colleagues).

A brief period a while back in what now seems like a different lifetime all together, I owned gentleman’s night-club, The Buddha Lounge. Prior to that, about a decade ago, shortly after doing my post-graduate studies and awaiting graduation, I worked in a night-club while living in Southampton, United Kingdom. Because I do not consider dancing as being one of my hobbies or strengths, I paid more attention to the clientele who walked through those huge red doors into a special place with the chilled air filled with loud music, cigarette smoke mixed with shisha, brandy mixed with beer and perfume blending with the scent of air-freshner.

Through keen observation, I’ve been able to pick up a few tricks. While I am no pimp like Snoop Dogg, I do know a thing or two about the professional escort. From how she talks and dresses, right down to where she hangs out and how low she can go.

So let’s have a look at some of the strategies these ladies of the night deploy and what lessons we learn from.

Strategy 1: Even though she lives in an off-location down in the suburbs, she will be found in the hottest clubs, hotel lounges and biggest parties. She also has a clean cab, that way she looks like she owns the bloody car. She’s also on social media platforms like Badoo or has a discreet Facebook account where she selects her friendships and has her user-settings to block anyone from writing on her wall.

Why does she do that? It’s simple really. People pay higher based on impression. She could even be mistaken for a virtuous woman by some poor unsuspecting bloke. She won’t be the first Delilah to trap a strong man by the softness of her voice. I know a decent guy (but stupid) who proposed to one pro within four days of meeting her.

Lesson: Don’t have a nice swanky office? Offer to have all your appointments down at the client’s own office. Better still, take them out for lunch. Then be sure you can be found, seen and heard in the right circles. That builds your credibility.

Network on social media or join social clubs and communities in your city. If you cant or don’t want to do either, for person reasons, that’s also fine. Just be sure you can build your own platform or join one where you have a ready audience whom you can address. Such platforms include T.V, radio, a magazine, blog or newspaper.

Strategy 2: The professional prostitute will also pay attention to her diction and tone. She would speak in a soft husky bedroom voice and give plenty of eye contact. She will be wearing a sweet perfume that would act as a pheromone to the alcohol induced sucker.

Lesson: Hang out in the right places. While you’re at the table, seat up and speak professionally. Take a course in improving your communication- it goes a long way. Communication is the invisible thread with binds all humans. Professionals not only say the right things, they say it right. Speak like you know what the hell you’re saying.

Strategy 3: She’s has on a Brazilian weave-on and is rocking the latest designer in this season’s colour. She’s wearing a low cut dress with a Christian Louboutin shoes to match (it sha has red sole). In her perfectly manicured hands, she’s clutching a Louis Vuitton purse, she has what the French call savoir faire.

Lesson: Dress to impress at all times. Polish your shoes or wipe them shiny clean if you had to catch a cab before stepping in for the appointment. Have a haircut frequently and use an anti-perspirant if you sweat under your arms.

Strategy 4: If she’s in a night-club, she may offer to buy you a drink. If you fall for that one. Then she’ll ask you to dance. And boy, she will dance dirty with you. She’ll turn you on while simultaneously making all your friends jealous and desirous at the same time. There will be a lot of grinding and fake moans. You’ll both be sweating. But before going to your hotel room, she would state her price and have an agreement for compensation. She won’t sleep with you for free. If she ever does, it’s because it was late at night and she needed a place to spend the night. ?

Lesson: Build rapport with your client. Get really familiar with them. Joke about the politics, football and enquire about the kids. Give them something nice- your e-book or actual paperback book, a free report, a free consultation. But no pro-bono work. Instead do a trade-by-barter.

Strategy 5: The truly professional call girl chooses whom to lure with her eyes and assets. Which man to pay attention to and who to rebuff. She’s not the only out here fishing. Sometimes on special days especially at weddings, she is the one being hunted. So has to be selective. If she wants to stay alive and get paid what she deserves, she can’t just go home with any jerk or stranger. Don’t you know there are thieves and murderers out there?

Lesson: Be selective about who you choose to do business with. Don’t jump for any and every job that comes your way. You can burn out easily that way or get frustrated with customers who are just born that way. Let me confess that I once spent nearly 3 months designing a website for a lady – something I thought would take 14 working days. Screen your clients to be sure they are the right fit for you and their business challenge is one you can help with.

At the end of the day, as a solo-professional, it’s all about ensuring the market’s demand for your services always outweighs your supply. Which is quite easy to do considering you’re only one person and there are 7 billion people in this world. When you figure a way to deploy all five tactics a pro-girl has, your price increases through natural forces of demand and supply.

There are lessons you can learn from just about every event and experience. From the rainforest to the war front, from a game a chess to American football. It’s everywhere! Only if you’re looking, will you find.

Disclaimer: While I don’t condone prostitution, but it’s the world’s oldest trade for a good reason! These days it’s called Erotic Capital. But mind you, these girls (sometimes guys) have little money to invest (as do you) yet few years later it’s not uncommon to see them living lavish lifestyles with real estate and a few lucky ones even get a guy to put a diamond ring on their finger. They exchange their Erotic capital for Financial Capital or Social Capital. So don’t hate, just learn from it like I have. It’s what we in the management circle refer to as transferable skills.

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