I don’t Care What People Think About Me – Ego Omalicha

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293She has been tagged a ‘bad girl’ but Ego Omalicha is not bothered. She is busy focusing on her career and is determined to use whatever she has to get what she wants. Safarie, as Ego is popularly called, has great singing potentials, and already has two singles rocking the airwaves.

In a blunt manner, she gave an insight into her style…

“There are lot of things I want to explore in myself; I have this cool me, then the funny me, creative, wild me, lots of me in me. I just try to express myself with my pictures and people seem to love them a lot.
“I don’t really care about what people think about me. I don’t want to attempt to change that belief. I am who I am. Just like every other human being aspiring to make it big, I am no different. I do what I have to do to get where I want to be,  just as I am today.”













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