US to construct $119 million office in Abuja

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UNITED States (US) Embassy in the country is to construct an office annex in Abuja estimated to cost $119 million. The project which will have marine security guards quarters, in addition to other features was seen as a signal that Washington considers Nigeria as an important partner, according to US envoy, Terence MacCulley.
At a groundbreaking event for the project, the envoy disclosed that the embassy initiated the project to relieve the overcrowding that its mission faces and to relocate US government agencies in Abuja so that staff can work together more efficiently.

According to him, achieving the feat would consolidate support services to focus on the tasks the embassy does in the country.

The envoy noted that, “many of these team members work out of other office buildings and must travel to the chancery building for regular meetings. Their  administrative officers and support staff are located in other buildings too, which complicate joint efforts, such as visits to US supported medical facilities

“This initiative is a signal that Washington considers Nigeria an important partner and understands that our presence here is critical to maintaining that partnership. It is also a sign that the Unites States is solidifying its commitment to staying engaged in Nigeria.”

Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru described the event as significant and one that showed that the strategic partnership between Nigeria and US, and the interest which US has in Nigeria.

He noted that such US interest was yet to wane irrespective of what he described as domestic challenge which Nigeria is facing at present.

The minister observed that US government decided to go ahead with the project without being distracted.

“The decision also shows that US believes in Nigeria and its future,” the minister stated.

Also speaking at the event, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Bala Mohammed said FCT administration saw the project as a clear message to the world that Abuja is safe and conducive for investment and tourism and that people have nothing to fear.

He said the decision to embark on the project was a mark of confidence, wake-up call, encouragement and endorsement that will spur the administration to play its role.

He said, “while we see your goodwill as a welcome complement to our efforts at improving the living conditions of our people, we sincerely cherish your partnership in our efforts against the common enemies of mankind such as poverty, disease and terrorism.”


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