Anti-corruption war: ICAN certifies 125 members as forensic accountants

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) has reaffirmed its commitment to the war against corruption in the country by certifying 125 chartered accountants as forensic accountants.

“This effort of the Institute is not only timely but also a reaffirmation of its commitment to the war against corruption, fraudulent and other social vices that have impeded the nations match to development”, said  Professor Francis Ojaide, President of the Institute.

Ojaid said this during the 3rd induction ceremony for graduates of the Institute’s Forensic Accounting Certification Programme in Lagos.

He stated, “Given the lingering crisis in the financial services sector and the government challenges at all levels, the need for forensic accounting knowledge and experts by regulators, law enforcement agencies and chartered accountants acting as external auditors, chief finance officers and heads of internal control departments of corporate entities cannot be over-emphasized.

“As a scientific process for gathering, analyzing and documenting financial information that can stand the test of time in the courts, forensic accounting is at the heart of the crusade against fraud and sharp practices. Forensic accounting is the chief mechanism for the global war against corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing.”

“I therefore warmly congratulate the one hundred and twenty-five candidates who are being inducted today for warmly embracing this new knowledge area being espoused by the institute. Given the acknowledged credibility of the institute’s certification process, I dare say that these candidates will definitely impact the process of value creation of their employers and clients.

“I salute and confidently hold them as worthy Ambassadors of Forensic Accounting and Investigations in Nigeria. I charge you all as a new generation of forensic accounting professionals, to continue to consistently act not only in the public interest but also to discharge your duties to the best possible universal standards with great ethical disposition. As ambassadors of integrity, we trust you will be in the vanguard for the elimination of sharp practices in low and high places in the country.”

“Let me also add that in this area, you have to develop the habit of learning, watching crime related films and attend court sessions where crimes and fraud related issues are tried. This will further expose you to emerging techniques on fraud prevention and detection strategies.

“Indeed, the Audit investigations and Forensic Accounting Faculty, one of the six faculties, blazed the trail in the certification programmes in February 2009 when it started its 7-module forensic Accounting Certification programme. To date, the faculty has produced 90 certified Forensic Accountants who have been adding value to the Nigerian economy in their different callings or endeavour,” he said.


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