The Corruption and Fuel Subsidy Protest in Pictures

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Demonstrators protest the elimination of a fuel subsidy

Demonstrators protest the elimination of a fuel subsidy

Nigeria’s fuel regulator announced on Jan. 1 that subsidies on imports of motor fuel would end immediately, more than doubling the price of petrol to about 150 naira ($0.93) a litre and sparking protests across the country.

Nigerians live on less than $2 a day and have benefited little from state funds and the government’s promise that money saved from the subsidy removal will be pumped into poverty safety nets sound like old, empty promises.

Tens of thousands marched the streets in demonstrations up and down Africa’s most populous nation and banks, petrol stations and domestic airports were closed. Streets in many cities, which are usually heaving with traffic, would have been silent but for sound of protesters.

As the Nigerian Protest rages on, we take a look at scenes from around the world. Protests have been held in many countries including United Kingdom, United States France and Sweden:


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