Sinister Agents Hiding Under Boko Haram to Destroy the Country

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President Goodluck Johnathan

President Goodluck Johnathan

Twenty-four organisations in Kaduna State, under the umbrella of Kaduna Roundtable, yesterday rose from an emergency meeting expressing fears that sinister agents of destabilization were hiding behind the Boko Haram sect to destroy the foundations of the country.

In a statement by Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, the organisations urged the Federal Government to end the Boko Haram insurgency.

“Muslim and Christian leaders should assist towards achieving inter-faith harmony and peace among our communities. President Goodluck Jonathan should overhaul his security apparatus to achieve greater impact. It is also conceivable that large-scale criminal activities are being organized under the cover of Boko Haram. Nigerians expect government to provide the necessary protection over their lives and property.

“Nigerians should be vigilant over attempts to trigger massive conflicts between Christians and Muslims to divert attention from real development problems which affect Nigeria. We must all resist the pressure to play to the script of Boko Haram to set us up against each other, or to use Boko Haram to deflate our legitimate campaigns,” they said.

They also urged the government to reverse its decision on the fuel subsidy removal.

“The president should raise the levels of transparency and engagement of Nigerians around the entire deregulation policy if government wishes to introduce new polices in future. Jonathan’s credibility and integrity as a leader has been severely damaged by the decision to impose an anti-people policy against popular objection”, they further said.

The Kaduna Roundtable is a forum of Muslims and Christians, professionals, nongovernmental and civil society organizations, academics and clerics.


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