So we have a bunch of geniuses as leaders, do they think before they act?

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Effects of fuel subsidy

Effects of fuel subsidy

There are four classes of people in Nigeria, the poor, the middle class (almost extinct) the rich and the ‘untouched’. We all know the first 3. The ‘untouched’ is the group of people we call lawmakers, the elected who are the the selected few, they are so disjointed from reality. The first 3 classes of people are all feeling the crunch of the subsidy, bec…ause rich or poor, double is double, but noooo, not the ‘untouched’ they don’t know what a petrol station looks like, they don’t know how to start a generator, they have no clue what it means to be in traffic, because they have sirens taking care of that for them, they never spend their own money on anything, the government pays for all their expenses, so as far as they are concerned, what’s all the fuss…minimum wage is not yet 18k, yet right now, the government provided buses charge N500 from Festac to Race Course (used to be N200) which means that each month it will cost N22k yet the minimum wage is still under 18k, so where is the money for food and other things coming from? So i say geniuses because in a civilized society, before such a subsidy is made effective, thought would have been put into what needs to be in place,and the society gradually introduced to it, sort of like a 3 or 5 year transition into it, but not our geniuses, because they just don’t have any value for the people who voted them in…now what?

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