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Nigerian Parliament

Nigerian Parliament

“The escalation of the activities of the Boko Haram in Borno State was to stop all Nigeria Peoples Party from winning elections.”

We are getting round to now understand the Boko Haram, the Metasine and their likes who have caused havoc in Nigeria-mostly in Northern Nigeria.

For many years, I had said unequivocally that the problem with the North was political and it had nothing to do with religion. Those who fomented troubles have hid under the religion be it Ya Daba or Metasine now Boko Haram.

Now, the court has convicted Ali Sada Umar Konduga, a so-called spokesman of the Islamic sect. Ali had pleaded guilty to all charges preferred against him. Ali has also implicated another one big man. He may be found guilty or not. The big man is no other than Senator Muhhamed Ali Ndume who represents Borno South Senatorial district. We would see what he has to say for himself.

Ali Konduga sent text messages to Niger State governor, Babaginda Aliyu, Jigawa State governor, Sule Lamido, Senator Sanusi Daggash, Ambassador Seriki Tafida and the chairman of the Borno State governorship Election Petition Tribunal, Justice Sabo Adamu.  He has disclosed it (Boko Haram) has been able to sustain its activities with financial backing of prominent politicians from Borno State.

The group, it said, started as a “collection of political thugs during the regime of former Borno State governor, Ali Modu Sherrif but fell off with the governor when one of their major sponsors who was a commissioner under Sherrif was dropped from the state cabinet and later killed by security operatives in a crackdown on sect members.

The death of the commissioner was responsible for the opposition of the group against Sherrif, which culminated in the decision to support any political party against Sherrif.

The war against Sherrif was the reason for the escalation of blood-shedding in the state.

A former Ambassador Pinda, became the main financier of the group when it fell out with Sherrif, as the group was hijacked by opponents of Sherrif and used it to cause crisis in the state while the battle to unseat Sherrif lasted.

“Pinda died while on his way to the sect’s hide-out to deliver the sum of N 5 Million as part payment of N 10 million running expenses for the group, which was contracted to work for (Pinda) political party”

That may not be all but it should give us a pointer why people were killing people. And people misconstrue it for religion.

Once we have had a clear view of who has caused our problems we can now know how to deal with them.

Ali also known as Usman Al-Zawahiri has disclosed he had sent threat text messages also to former President Olusegun Obasanjo on the ground of his relationship with the former governor of Borno State.

He also admitted text messages to everybody who had a hand in the emergence of ANPP in Borno State. He also sent a message to the Electoral Tribunal. He was very prolific: he sent to Daggash, a former Minister of Works for sabotaging the effort of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from winning election in Borno.

No one has disclaimed what Ali admitted or that Ali was a spokesman for Boko Haram. But he has not told us why the Boko Haram was all over the place in the North and in Abuja or What it was doing in Jos.

Unfortunately Boko Haram has devastated the country killing, maiming, disrupting commerce and destroying properties.

But it is now clear Boko Haram has nothing to do with Islam. Heavy penalty should be meted out to anybody who wants to disrupt the peace of the country.


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